Crazy sunset in Beskidy mountains [ENGLISH]

Everyone has stupid ideas, but even these the most stupid sometimes are paying off. Plan for sunset on Friday's evening after work, from the beginning was doomed for madness and hurrying. Fast changing clothes to sports, dinner in McDonald's and after 6 p.m. we are going to Wisla. On carpark near waterfall we are at 18:30 and by fast pace we go through yellow trail to Cieńków. We were there 2 weeks ago on early morning, but place is so graceful, that we couldn't resist the temptation of being here on sunset. On the peak we are around 19:00 and we can observe warm colors on green ridges. Now we can totally relax and enjoy the landscape. Nothing more than that...

Sheeps in mountains
Famous tree on the peak
Green spring
The way
Pink grass
The other side
So happy
Sun is shining
Sun over Czantoria
Sun lower and lower
Crazies 😈


31th May 2019

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